What do Millennials Struggle with?

Millennials often face struggles that other generations prior to them didn’t face. This generation particularly saw recession, housing market crash, rise in college degrees, school shootings, the growth of smart phones and apps, dating online, rise in debt. and more. This is what makes the problems in this generation so unique.

The Millennials struggle with a number of issues such as dating, college debt, buying a home, making commitments like marriage, being financially independent, and overcoming expectations of their parents who were raised in a completely different environment.

Dating is a challenge faced by many Millennials and often the nature of the relationships makes it hard. A lot of Millennial tend to meet for hookups so the commitment factor is often lacking. Some meet through apps making it extremely difficult for contacts to occur outside of the internet. Ignoring messages is a mundane issue in the dating world. Those that are serious often encounter people who are not and just want to have a good time. This makes dating hard especially on a serious note.

Believe it or not college debt is a serious issue faced my Millennials. This is what holds them back from living on their own triggering them to move back in with their parents. The debt takes a huge portion from the Millennial’s income forcing them to rent for long periods of time. This is the reason some can barely afford to buy their own homes. Some are afraid to make purchases in real estate because they have seen the housing market crash making them cautious and hypervigilant.

Commitments like marriage are hard if Millennials are struggling financially. Even if they navigated dating just fine and found the perfect person, going the marriage route is hard. Millennials went to school longer and took a long time to settle down due to the rise in college degrees. Some felt that they had to get more and more edcuation to be making a comfortable living so that they can financially afford to have a family. This is what keeps them from making a decision like marriage or having children. Millennials across the board are starting their families late especially in America.

Overcoming expectations is often a familial issue. Generations older than the Millennials often expect the Millennials to do things like they did when they were younger. This creates added stress for the Millennials because the society, technology, and the environment have changed in terms of competition. A GED back in the day was sufficient enough for getting a job. Today, even college graduates struggle finding jobs. Those that do often struggle with climbing up the corporate ladder as lay offs have become a commonplace for many big corporations who lay off those with higher salaries.

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