Has Romance Died in Covid?

Romance has not died in Covid. There are many changes that this Pandemic has brought to the world and to the love lives of millions of people globally. But these are merely changes! People are adaptable, changes are manageable!

Expression of love has changed for people. Hugs, kisses, and meet ups are being substituted by online dates, events and meetups being held via Zoom, and love is shown from a distance even if that means only a wave and drive-thru. But no, romance has not died in Covid.

Hookups have dwindled down because bars, clubs, night life have suffered tremendously. People still fall in love even when they’re fighting for the last roll of toilet paper at grocery stores. But no, romance has not died in Covid.

Eating out was the thing of the past, eating-in is the thing of the present. It’s true that food often brings loved ones closer but isn’t it great that home-cooked meals and take-outs have dominated our dates? Your best dates shouldn’t be judged by the stars of the restaurant or the cost of the food. But no, romance has not died in Covid.

Weddings are still taking place with masks, sanitizers, gloves and only a handful of guests. The reason for this is nothing more that true love. But no, romance has not died in Covid.

Romance has been the same for centuries from Romeo and Juliet to now! There are still those that die for their love without saying final goodbyes. Although their reasons today might be to protect their loved ones even if they have to suffer alone in hospitals. Isn’t their sacrifice just as meaningful? But no, romance has not died in Covid.

As described in my book Quarantined Together, being stuck at home brings people closer. It allows them to communicate their needs, understand each other’s problems, and do more for their loved ones. Isn’t that what you learn in couples therapy? But no, romance has not died in Covid.

Romance will never die! Covid or no covid. It has been the same in the past, the same in the present and the same in the future years to come! There is nothing that melts your heart as much as a love story.

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Picture reference: www.dailymercury.com.au

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