Love at First Sight in the Modern Day

When we think of love at first sight, we often think of romance and usually we think of classical romance instead of contemporary. Why is that? Why can’t we think of love at first sight happening in the modern day? Has modern dating completely changed how we feel about someone the moment we land eyes on him/her.

Believe it or not love at first sight still happens today. It may not be two-sided but we still get butterflies the moment we see someone attractive and find him or her special. Words can’t describe the feelings we get, the curiosity that we want to know them maybe just a name or possibly what they do.

In Quarantined Together, Lucas bumped into Melody in a new city full of new faces. Her face became the one he remembered, the one he was attracted to, the one he wanted to know more about. This yearning to get closer to her was his love at first sight for her in the modern day. It was one-sided, at least that is what he thought in that moment. This didn’t change the butterflies he felt for her. To read more about this, check out

Modern day dating emphasizes the fact that interest has to be two-sided. Using dating apps is a common way of meeting someone. When you swipe right, the other also has to swipe right to actually engage in conversation with them. It gives you a shot with them only if it is two-sided. This is not fair. What if this opportunity is the only one you have to get to know that special someone.

Love at first sight does happen in the modern day. It occurs even when you’re looking at a profile picture of someone. However, the lack of opportunity to do anything about it withers those feelings away. Lucky people get an opportunity to date their love at first sight. Find out if Lucas was that lucky and if you have been lucky or not?

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